Blender 2.49 RC is out for testing

April 25, 2009 at 1:43 pm

The Blender Foundation has released the first release candidate for the 2.49 release.

Please note this is not the long awaited interface UI change that is hoped for by some. Instead it is the final release of the 2.4x series and the final version using the current UI system.

What to expect? Just read the list of added features below.

2.49 RC1

We are currently testing the first Release Candidate for 2.49.

Please report issues in our bug tracker: (requires login)

A release log of new the new features will be published here. Here’s the WIP list of goodies:

Important bug fixes

  • Environment map render: alpha error for sky causes “white banding” on pixels where sky and faces antialias in the envmap.
  • Render error: Black dots appeared in raytracing curve objects

(many many more, list will be completed)

Download it and give it a test run. If you find some bugs then by all means post them here



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